Sunday, May Be David Villa’s Last Game At The Yankee Stadium

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If NYCFC can not score a result against Philly, this weekend may be the last time El Guaje enters Eithad Pitch. It should not have come down to this. But when Domé Torrent has taken over, New York City FC had been in the ground over the last few months. And because of this absolute misfortune, NYCFC is not guaranteed a playoff game at home unless they can draw a positive result against the Philadelphia Union this Sunday at the Yankee Stadium.

Thus, if fresh rumors are to be believed, Sunday may be the last time that the initial captain David Villa takes the ground in the southern Bronx if the city breaks under the pre-set. The thought of New York City without the presence of the Villa is totally strange to the club’s fans. The Spanish legend signed with NYCFC back in the year 2014 and remains one of only two players remaining from the first ever back in 2015, the other being Tommy McNamara.

Of course, it’s still too early to think about losing El Guaje right now. Still, the City is controlling despite their own destiny this Sunday and will probably be home-in-law with a draw. But it all depends on how poor NYCFC has been recent.

Does anyone really expect from a team that is on the score of 2-5-3 in their last 10 games? Let’s say if they lose on Sunday. Do you think they could win a playoff game on the road when they have been awful away from New York? I do not say they are unable to show past beliefs that they are. But the Bronx Blues have lost their identity and any speed they had before the summer. And should this weekend go wrong, it could only be a matter of time before they also lose Villa.