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David Villa has finally been released from the hospital after the successful completion of his surgery on his fractured libia.

This is great news for him and his family with whom he was able to spend the festive season.

However, whilst the bones have been reset and he is finally on his way back to fitness, he won’t be too happy with the doctor’s verdict on his recovery – Doctors have recommended that there should be no football for the next four to five months and this means that David Villa will have to miss the entire season. Without him, Barcelona aren’t looking the best football bets for the Champions League any more.

On top of this, Euro 2012 looks like it will be too soon, especially as he won’t have played many (if any) games for Barcelona, with which the national side could guage his fitness.

According to reports, Villa isn’t too concerned about missing the tail-end of Barca’s season, but is keen and adamant that he definitely wants to make it to the final squad for the Euro 2012.

It’s his dream and he is going do all he can to make sure he gets there, which is all very well apart from the fact that the doctors feel that this might lead to greater chances for causing further injury to himself, and possibly curtailing his career.