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Barcelona striker David Villa has said that the title race is not done and dusted yet, although Real Madrid have been excellent this season. Following the 1-0 loss to Getafe, Barcelona allowed Real Madrid to extend their three-point advantage even further.

Currently, the archrivals Barcelona – Real Madrid – have a very healthy six-point advantage over the Catalan giants. This would have been easily attainable by Barcelona of previous seasons, but this season that has been a change in the desire. Many have been questioning the desire of Barcelona to retain the title after winning it three times on the bounce.

However, Barcelona striker David Villa has said that they are more than capable of reigniting the title race once again. One of the main factors for David Villa to be extremely confident of this fact is the El Clasico, the first of the season, which will happen on December 10th. The winner of it would potentially be extremely important in the whole context of the title race. If Real Madrid manage to sneak out a win against their rivals, they would be nine points clear. It would be the title race then and there. However, if Barcelona manage to win spectacularly – as they have done in recent seasons at the Santiago Bernebeu, it would put the title race firmly in the balance once again.

Speaking ahead of the first El Clasico of the season, David Villa said,” “This is not over, soon we will have a match against them [Madrid] and we can beat them calmly and that is what we have to think about. It is a shame that we are now this far from the leader.”

He also said that Barcelona should have been more aware of the defensive approach of Getafe and has called for concentration from the next match onwards.